While studying Traditional Animation at an overpriced prestigious Art School, MR. EWOK ONE’s most formative education came while he carved out a name for himself on the streets of Brooklyn in the mid 90’s.

New York City is both the backdrop and the main inspiration for MR EWOK ONE. 90’s era Graffiti, Break Dancing, Music and Skateboarding culture provide rich inspiration for his wide ranging body of work. Complex, colorful Graffiti lettering is often juxtaposed with thought provoking portraits of the everyday ‘misfit’ inhabitants of the city he still calls home. His large-scale murals, gallery exhibitions and high profile collaborations have earned him a global reputation as a legendary New York City artist, all while keeping his identity a mystery.

MR. EWOK ONE is currently publishing a book. From decades of trial and error navigating the contrasting worlds of “Graffiti” and “Fine Art”, he now hopes to help aspiring artists by sharing his most valued secrets and techniques.



-“VINYL VISION”   Cushy Gigs, Miami Florida
-“End of the Line”, EVOLVE Space, Wynwood Miami


-Jim Phillips “The RUNNING EYE” @Myplasticheart, New York, NY 10002
-Brainlington on Vacation, EVOLVE Space, Wynwood Miami
-‘Ewokone Solo Exhibit, Glitch Gallery, Singapore.
-‘In The Paint’ Exhibit Celebrates UConn Basketball, University of Connecticut.

-The Loyal Subjects X Toy Tokyo’s OPTIMUS PRIME Show, TT Underground New York Ny 10003
-Black Book Masters, Dirty Pilot online Gallery

-Designer Con BRAINLINGTON release and book signing Pasadena, CA 91101
-Graffiti Mash Up, Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta Georgia
-We Can Be Heroes/ Darkness & Light Exhibit by DC Entertainment Fund Raiser for the Horn of Africa, San Diego Ca.
-Benefit for OKER, The Pure Evil Gallery, London, UK
-Free ESSAM Benefit, At Animal New York, New York, NY.
-BRAINLINGTON Premiere and signing, Singapore Comic Con.- Mighty Jaxx Booth, Singapore, August
-BRAINLINGTON NYC Figure release and signing, New York Comic Con. Toy Tokyo Booth, October, NYC

-We Can Be Heroes/ Darkness & Light Exhibit by DC Entertainment, Comic Con. San Diego + New York Comic Con. New York , NY
-The Art of Basketball by Public Works Department and the NBA part3. Miami FL (Art Basel)
-Aidan Has a Posse Art Auction, Wooster Street Social Club ( Curated and Exhibited) New York, NY.
-Leave The Beef At the BBQ , Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
-Ewokone x BMW x Ludacris. Hamptons Art Show, the Hamptons, NY
-BRAINLINGTON Mural unveiling, All City Paint Supply, Seattle WA.

-The Art of Basketball by Public Works Department and the NBA Part2, Miami FL (Art Basel)
– Train of Thought, Hobbs Gallery, Boston MA (solo)
-Mural Unveiling, Converse’ Rubber Tracks Studio, Brooklyn, NY
– EwokOne Presents, bOb Gallery, New York NY. ( solo)
-Fountain Exhibit, McCaig Welles Gallery, New York NY. ( Armory Fair )
-Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Auction, TT Underground Gallery, New York NY.
-Pray For Japan Silent Auction, Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY.
-Cope 2 Transition, TT Underground Gallery, New York, NY.
-Presenting Ewokone, Dirty Pilot gallery, Boston, MA. (solo)
– Ewokone Will Be Wuz Heer, Genuine Motorworks, Brooklyn, NY. (solo).
– July: Art Of Basketball , GuGa/ Gallery One, Newark, NJ.
-Ghost, Then and Now, TT Underground Gallery, New York, NY
-Under the Influence, Phillips DePury and Co. New York , NY

-Encounters, Graffiti Art Expo, AE Studios LIC, NY
-In On the Secret, Halcyon Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (solo)
-Map Quest, Dirty Pilot Gallery. Boston, MA
-Independent Thinkers Show, Miami FL (Art Basel)
-Trilogy by Eazy Street Gallery, Miami FL (Art Basel)
-The Art of Basketball by Public Works Department and the NBA, Miami FL (Art Basel)

-All That Glitters is Gold, McCaig Welles Gallery, New york,NY
-Graffiti Gone Global, Miami,FL (Art Basel)
-The Generations Art Show, Toy Tokyo Art Gallery, New York, NY
-The Character Studies, McCaig Welles Gallery, Brooklyn,NY
-Yard 5, Berlin, Germany
-Pintura Fest, Orlando, FL
-Millon Cornette De Saint Cyr, Millon & Associes, Paris, France
-Saturdays at Phillips, Phillips DePury, New York, NY
-Saturdays at Phillips, “NEW YORK” themed Phillips DePury, New York, NY

-Up In the Air, AVS Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
-Under Pressure, UP Gallery, Montreal, Canada (solo)
-Black Ink, Gallery Solo Show, New York, NY (solo)
-Saturdays at Phillips, Phillips DePury, New York, NY
-GID Horselington, NY Comic Conn, New York, NY
-Made From Love, The Bronx Museum Project Space, New York,NY

-Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY
-Ghost & Ewok 5MH, Dirty Pilot Gallery Boston, MA
-The Walls Belong to Us, Power House Arena, Brooklyn, NY
-GID Horselington/ SD Comic Conn, San Diego, CA
-Sneaker Pimps World Tour, New York, NY

-Sneaker Pimps World Tour, Atlanta, GA
-Graffiti Art Overdose, McCaig Welles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
-Totem2 vs. Ewok 5mh pt. 2, Vera Cruz, Mexico
-Clash of The Titans, McCaig Welles Gallery, Brooklyn,NY
-UCOPS, Rocky’s Rock Star Bar, Brooklyn, NY

-Board the Train, Double Punch Gallery, San Francisco CA
-Sneaker Pimps World Tour, Jakarta, Indonesia
-Brooklyn Spotted, Showroom Gallery, New York, NY
-Totem2 vs. Ewok 5MH, McCaig Welles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
-Tag The System, Showroom Gallery, New York, NY

-Ewokone Saves Tokyo, Depot Gallery, Tokyo Japan (solo)
-The Break In, Paul Rogers 9W Gallery, New York, NY
-20 inch Dunny Showcase, Visionaire Gallery, New York, NY
-3 Corner Hustle, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles, CA
-Vinyl Clash, Riviera Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
-Subject Matter, Gallery solo show, Costa Mesa, CA (solo)
-Hip Hop 101 Solo show, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY

-The Magnificent 7, McCaig Welles, Brooklyn, NY
-Premium goods, Solo show. Brooklyn, NY (solo)
-In The Making, KCDC, Brooklyn, NY

-BOB Lounge, New York, NY (solo)

Barnstormer’s ‘No Condition is Permanent’, Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY